How do I make my Minecraft fun?

Ever since Notch has quit developing Minecraft, its focus has been slowly changing to be a creative and fun game for kids.

But not for those who seek for a challenge. For the survival experience.

Better Than Wolves is a mod that fixes that. It takes the loose chunks of what's good in Minecraft 1.5.2 and turns it into an interconnected whole, making most of things meaningful, challenging, interesting. I mean, look at its tech tree[SVG, etc].

My BTWTweak mod continues the idea and polishes the game even further. Lots of bugfixes, backports from the later Minecraft versions and small gameplay and design fixes.

How to get started?

Assuming you are already a Minecraft player, you need to switch to the 1.5.2 version and then mod it - preferably using MCPatcher[Note] to get fancier graphics features - first with Better Than Wolves, then CraftGuide[mirror], Deco addon, and finally BTWTweak using its own patcher. You will also need to convince the Minecraft launcher to not override your modded Minecraft with the original 1.5.2 file.

Unfortunately, the author of Better Than Wolves opposes the notion of automatic installers, so making one that doesn't step on someone's copyright is hard and this is a manual process. If you're totally stumped, though, email me and I will give you the patched version ready to play!

FlowerChild, why do you hate me so?

BTW forum ban

If you are a Better Than Wolves player already, it's likely you know I got excommunicated from the BTW community. It's an old misunderstanding that I think author of BTW simply refuses to admit and keeps trying to find excuses of why my mod is bad and I should feel bad. Nobody understands it, and BTW community is too scared of getting banned[archived] to say anything positive towards me. Apologizing didn't help. Clarifying didn't get anywhere, either.

Which is unfortunate for BTW in general, since our cooperation would have resolved whatever problems BTW author has with my BTWTweak, and spared us both the energy otherwise lost to bickering.

I'm not the only one who is unreasonably hated. How's it for laughing at the player who suffered from a bug, instead of doing what is a single-line fix? Or shouting down a creator of tutorial videos and instantly banning him on the forums[archived]? Too bad we've also lost Biomes O' Plenty add-on[archived].

Why not Forge?

Minecraft is a mess. They promised Modding API years ago and we still don't have that. Forge closely follows Minecraft and inevitably is also a mess. A mess of mods that don't ideally fit together and require a lot of probing and adjusting to make a game out of, unless you enjoy playing with select spare parts.

Even though there is a remake of BTW called Better With Mods, I've yet to see it become better than BTW. There's a lot of work to be done. But I'm modding Minecraft because it's a part of me playing Minecraft, not the other way around, so spending a lot of time modding and not playing is not fun. And if I spent that much time writing code, it better be my own game and not tied to someone else's property.


Being almost the only person who's left modding BTW, I won't stop now. I will continue fixing stuff. Most importantly, I want to make BTW possible to translate to other languages, and make installing and modding BTW easier. Possibly with some sort of modding API. Since there is no need to keep up with new Minecraft versions that always change obfuscation, it's a good time to make it a modding platform. I'd love to see more mods for Better Than Wolves. Even if its author doesn't. Even if he actively tries to prevent that. Hardcore Modding is just another part of the game.

Useful links

Better Than Wolves versions archive, in case someone wants to enjoy an older version

I plan to expand this section with BTW structures and whatnot.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to email me or join my chat. Also you can check the BTWTweak topic on the MCForums.

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