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Welcome to my site. Here you can see what kind of computer art I do.

# File Size Date Description
# delphisys.rar 26 kb 05 Mar 2008 System modules replacement for Delphi. Used to cut useless garbage from pure WinAPI programs.
# dmm2xm.zip 64 kb 13 Apr 2023 dmm2xm v1.5.1 - Converter of Doom2D music to tracker music XM and vice-versa. Delphi source included.
# hqscaler.zip 74 kb 17 Jul 2007 Program for nice image scaling by 2, 3, or 4 times using different algorithms: hq2x, lq2x, scale2x. Good for pixel art and interface screenshots.
# mefhack.zip 22 kb 15 Mar 2009 Hack for MoonEdit, allowing to use сustom fonts in it.
# merus.zip 205 kb 30 Aug 2009 MoonEdit, with Russian translation and patches. Collaborative text editor and more. Patch in fasm included.
# rfrazados.rar 28 kb 15 Sep 2008 [RU] Random phrases generator. DOS, Turbo Pascal 7.0 sources included.
# rfraza177.rar 325 kb 15 Sep 2008 [RU] Random phrases generator for Windows.
# trunc.zip 1 kb 02 Nov 2007 This program cuts first 20 kilobytes from a file, useful to upload such piece for others' research.
# wordgene.txt 10 kb 06 Sep 2014 Funny words, generated with my program Word Genetics. Russian mostly.
# opl2wav.zip 129 kb 01 Jan 2014 Adlib music converter from raw (RDosPlay), dro (DOSBox), imf/wlf/dnf (id Software), got (God of Thunder) formats to wav format. Capable of splitting channels. Delphi source included.
# speak.zip 4 kb 30 May 2008 Speak using speech engine built in Windows XP. Examples, Delphi, fasm sources included.
# jpgren.zip 7 kb 12 Jun 2008 JPEG photos renamer in form YYYY_MMDD_hhmmss.jpg using Exif creation date. Delphi sources included.
# got_re.zip 20 kb 28 Jun 2008 Unpacker and partial data converter from the game God of Thunder. Delphi sources included.
# rainyday_opl2xm.zip 64 kb 15 Jul 2008 The first successful half-automatic convertion from adlib music to tracker music. XM, MIDI.
# wordmix.zip 12 kb 29 Jul 2008 Mixes words in text. Delphi (KOL) sources included.
# gob3bar_opl2xm.zip 47 kb 09 Jan 2009 One of the songs from Goblins 3. The second successful half-automatic convertion from adlib music to tracker music XM.
# ieem.zip 8 kb 20 Jun 2009 This program enables simple WYSIWYG HTML edit mode in Internet Explorer which is turned on by right-clicking on the page. Delphi, fasm sources included.
# pngre.zip 63 kb 04 Apr 2009 PNG recompressor v0.91 beta. Optimizes PNG files, also converts GIF and BMP to PNG.
# dcc7hack.rar 857 kb 22 Apr 2009 Patched compiler dcc32.exe from Delphi 7 for reducing the size of WinAPI programs, slimmed down system modules, and also patched resource compiler with possibility of using . and ~ (period and tilde) in identifiers.
# cplanet_patch.zip 14 kb 27 Feb 2016 Patch that fixes Clonk Planet under Polish/Russian Windows, so it doesn't crash anymore. Delphi, fasm sources included.
# fluidtest.zip 15 kb 31 Aug 2010 Demonstration of interactive fluid simulator. Windows, Delphi.
# midiconv.zip 33 kb 04 Sep 2010 Some tracker and other music that I converted to Midi.
# storytime.love 92 kb 15 Nov 2016 Demo made in Love2D, a remake of Monty Python "Storytime" intro. Use Love2D 0.8.0 - 0.10.2 to run. Now in HTML5!
# far_scripts.zip 10 kb 04 Mar 2016 My useful Lua scripts for Far Manager. Main highlight: execute lines of Lua code on Ctrl+Enter in the editor.
# opl2xm.zip 149 kb 15 Jun 2016 Adlib music converter from raw (RDosPlay), dro (DOSBox), imf/wlf/dnf (id Software), got (God of Thunder) formats to xm format. Unfinished and buggy, only for oldschool composers willing to edit the result! Delphi source included.


Principles for solving problems by Edmund C. Berkeley, a rare document
HTML5 Tetris with several game modes, including tetrisn.exe remake
Wingdings Gaster Translator, inspired by Undertale
Fix PDF text encoding, may be used for single-alphabet substitution
An attempt to get rid of Chromatic Aberration effect, which some artists seem to enjoy abusing

Other projects

Magnet2 XMPP bot
More Fuel, Tweaks and Everything Minecraft mod
Underground Biomes Minecraft mod
BTWTweak for Better Than Wolves Minecraft mod
ANBT userscript for Drawception and Lightweight HTML5 drawing app able to record and replay the drawing process
Windows keyboard layout assembler/disassembler. An article about it [RU].
More on my GitHub


Quickly chat on Jabber/XMPP: i@grompe.org.ru or reach me from a webchat: http://chat.grompe.org.ru/
Slowly write an e-mail: i@grompe.org.ru

Grom PE.